The best salads in Jyväskylä!

Our salads are thoughtfully composed and made for you by the order. 

Delicious combinations of savory and sweet, with just the right amount of crunch!

Salads at Miriam's are always made by the order and served to the table. This is how we ensure we can fulfill your wishes. We also value the purest and freshest ingredients. Almost everything in our salads is prepared in our kitchen. We chop lettuce, fry the chicken and the croutons and mix our own dressings.

Miriamsin lohi-caesarsalaatti ja talon tuore leipä

Miriam's salad menu

Halloumi salad (also with chicken)
Goat's cheese salad (also with chicken)
Caesar salad with chicken or salmon
Smoked salmon salad
Barbeque-chicken salad
Fitness salad with chicken or salmon
Tofu salad
Children's salad

Seasonal specialities

We also offer a variety of seasonal delicacies. See the full menu at the cafe.